Letting go


Are you chased by a tiger?


Why is your body in survival mode?

I don’t know

Why do you fear to let go?

because I have nothing to hold on

What matters to you, do you know?

Can you feel like you can belong?

Why does it feel so hard to breath?

Why does my body lie so heavy on me?

Pain, suffering, anger and greed

Is that all I signed up for when we decided to meet?

Who can tell the truth from a lie?

Who can save me from a need to die?

Dreams and desires, emotions and seed

I don’t believed that’s what we agreed

Yes we did, read the fine print

Of the contract that your carried within

I don’t care, I don’t want play this game anymore

Take me back, take me home, I’ve had enough of it all

The madness, the pain, the death and the greed

Smoking mirrors you say?

An illusion you see?

Try living this dream for yourself and remember what you forget

You forget every day who you are

And you feel like a pile of blood sweat and bone

You say that I chose this

this crappy shithole.

I refuse to believe you, I refuse to let go

of my fear, my sadness, my grief and my need.

My need to be loved and the craving for fire

that burns in my belly when I’m touched

by a man I desire

All I desire, all that I touch

turns in my eyes to a big pile of dust

Smoking mirrors you say?

An illusion you see?

only why does this feel so real to me

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Free To Be Brave

Today is the first day when I am afraid no more! I have been afraid of something my whole life, afraid to make the wrong decision, take the wrong path, disappoint, turn out less than it had been hoped I would. It doesn’t matter anymore!

I have made all the wrong decisions I could have made without destroying my life, I am 30 years old, I have no job, no career, no husband, no house, no mortgage (Thank the lord!) and I have destroyed every single belief of who I am supposed to be by now. I have no proper, respectable life to speak of except my integrity, my dignity and love for life. I could sing how happy I am, actually I would if it wasn’t 2:30.

Today I finally realized there is nothing to be afraid of, all the disasters in life happened only because I hoped they wouldn’t. It’s all an illusion. Where I am today is only because of my fear, poor attempts at trying to live a life that was not mine, never giving it all, always keeping a bit for myself – just in case, for a rainy day.

No more! Today is the day when I proudly and humbly stand on my own too feet and start living my life from the heart.

To any parent reading this – teach your children to never never be afraid of anything, not foolish, just brave trusting that all there is in life will be given to them if they walk their path with love in their hearts and a song of joy in their voices.

Today I great life with a truly open heart at last!

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Thank you for being in my life

It’s been a while since I indulged myself in just writing for my own pleasure, mostly because I’ve been too busy trying to get my business of the ground (anyone interested check this out www.soulsage.eu) and I had to do a lot of writing for that.

To anyone who knows me, it will not come as a surprise, that my business is connected to SoulCollage(R), to helping people better understand, accept, love and enjoy being themselves. The beauty of doing this for you, or rather with you, is that I got to grow and learn and face many fears that I had been pretending didn’t exist (they existed alright…). And with the help of every one of you, who graced me with your presence at my workshops or expressed a comment, an interest, a compliment and even a complaint to me, I realized that I am willing to go all the way to whatever end this will lead me. The spark in your eyes, an Aha! expression on your face, a new discovery about yourself, a new card you show me is the best gift I could ever ask for and the biggest motivation to take another step in this direction.

So thank you, for being in my life! Thank you, for making my life’s purpose possible and fulfilling it more real everyday!

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The wings…

“The wings we want to fly upon are in our hearts, allow them unfold and let go…”

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Who are you? Bo…

Who are you? Body, mind, emotion, spirit? Who are any of us?

I don’t know, but I’d like to be pure love…

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“You are both s…

“You are both soul and body, divine and human, conscious and unconscious, the creator and the destructor and as long as you deny at least one of the elements in yourself, you will not be able to see yourself as an absolutely perfect creation. There is no part, quality or trait in you that would not be necessary, irrelevant or shameful. They all are a part of you. They are all beautiful. You can see that if you scrub the grime off them and discover the diamond within.”

From http://www.soulsage.eu

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It amazes me how a gesture of kindness extended to someone on the other side of the world can be spread so quickly across the globe touching hearts and minds of friends and strangers who read about it on Facebook and smile a little more that day.

Choose what you share, because it just might make someone’s day!

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